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If you are facing a problem or project, which constantly encounters various changes during the implementation, in other words, the end, the end is not clear and seeing the outputs, the problem becomes clearer step by step, Scrum is a suitable option for you, It can be.

Scrum Framework

During these few years of work experience, I worked in various industries, including banks, stock exchanges, startup companies, and…. A recurring pattern was often found in all of these companies, where a particular genre or spectrum of projects often failed or at least had many challenges. For example, IT projects or the development of new software were such projects.

I remember in a large state-owned banking company, a real estate management software was to be produced to create a comprehensive list of real estate with the aim of optimally managing the bank’s real estate and making the right decision about the conditions of holding or transferring the property. For example, a large bank in a corner of the country may own a property that has been leased but has been forgotten for years and may be misused, or in recent years there has been a lot of pressure on banks to transfer their property. , But which property should be transferred? This made sense of the need for a comprehensive property management software.

A project called Comprehensive Property Management was defined in that bank and a software team started working on it.

What is Scrum? Agile weapons of teams!

One of the concerns that any company, organization, team, or even an individual can face is a project management and speeding up the project process. A process that sometimes does not end on time and causes set-up activities to lag behind. To solve this problem, a topic called Scrum is raised in this article. What are the concepts and trends of Scrum? We will also pay people in Scrum and so on.

Scrum Concepts

Undoubtedly, to learn any new topic, you have to learn them continuously and one after the other, which are the same concepts, terms, formulas, and solutions. Before discussing scrum, you should familiarize yourself with the concepts and terms that lie in it to gain a better understanding of the definition of the scrum. In the following, we have briefly explained and listed the most used scrum terms for you.

  • Agile: Agile set of techniques widely used in software development is the beginning of the project continuously performed. For example, their software products until the completion of the project, several times to the customer offer. Then the Customer feedback and suggestions will inform you about your performance, which increases product quality and customer satisfaction, one of the most popular of which is Scrum.
  • Product Backlog: A backlog is a list of product development process tasks that are prioritized. For example, adding new features, changing existing software features, fixing bugs, etc. are some things that a team does base on its prioritization.
  • Sprint Planning: Sprints are short periods of time, usually starting at 2 weeks and ending at a maximum of 4 weeks (about a month). During this Sprint time period, team members are required to do their jobs in short intervals. Because the duration of a sprint is long, the process of project implementation will be complicated and chaotic. Sprints also increase people’s performance by examining the target path.

What is Scrum?

Scrum as a framework or framework (Framework) is known in the field of project management that speeds through the project. That is a big project planned for 2 to 4 weeks in Sprint (Sprint) are converted to smaller projects. In fact, the smaller the project tasks, the better the implementation process and it's quality. According to Scrum’s creator Ken Schwaber, Scrum is not a methodology, but as a framework increases the efficiency of teamwork.

People in Scrum

  • Product manager: The product manager of a company or organization is responsible for planning, forecasting, producing, or marketing the product.
  • Scrum master: In fact, Scrum Master, as a coach, manages the work and staff in the specified sprints.
  • Developers: Developers as a team member can have a representative to promote software development to report their activities to Scrum Master.
  • And

Note: The responsibilities of people in Scrum can be different, for example, marketing team, SEO, sales experts and content producers, etc. are considered members of the team. Note that this style of scrum or agility is used in every organization and is not limited to computer companies.

Sprint process

In the Sprint definition, we said: There are short intervals that usually start at 2 weeks and end at a maximum of 4 weeks (about a month), but what is the process or implementation process? What are the divisions of sprints?

  • Daily meetings: In fact, a daily meeting is held between team members that last 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes, the Scrum instructor reviews and coordinates activities and then plans for the next 24 hours. These meetings are usually held standing up and optimize team collaboration and performance.
  • Review: At the end of each time period in sprints, an overview is conducted so that the Scrum team can talk about what they have done during the Sprint time period. Also, based on the work done in product development by team members, the employees of the organization can take on more responsibilities to make the collection more valuable.
  • User story: The user story is one of the most important parts of any sprint that helps to advance team and project goals. The basis of its work is to record the details of the employees. In fact, after reporting on the status of the staff, they estimate how much each member of the team has worked and advanced the goals of the team.
  • Retro: At the end of each sprint, a session called Retro is held, and the Scrum instructor, after reviewing the staff duties during the sprint, discusses what was the reason if there was an unfinished task. Finally, after examining the reason for the backwardness, he’s so-called examines it, that is, he helps the person. Overall, the Retro concept provides a great opportunity for Scrum Coach and team members to speed up the project process.


Scrum is so important that organizations, companies, and even teams use it to make their work faster and faster. Because doing so will reduce a lot of collection costs, employees will not be lazy and …. But note that Scrum alone can not solve all the problems of the collection. Maybe early in the work, instead of progress, the collection regresses! But over time, that is likely to change, Scrum will become a corporate culture. In this way, team members will be more satisfied and happy, thus increasing the efficiency of the collection.

Professor Siavosh Kaviani was born in 1961 in Tehran. He had a professorship. He holds a Ph.D. …follow him on

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